Press release

In accordance with new regulatory requirements, ERAFP publishes its first sustainability report together with its public report

  • 13 September 2022
Institutional communication
Paris, September 13, 2022 – Alongside the publication of its 2021 public report, ERAFP (the French public service additional pension scheme) reports on a year during which it strengthened its energy transition policy, by presenting its first sustainability report, pursuant to Article 29 of the French energy and climate law.

Each year in its public report, ERAFP reviews the Scheme's management, explains its investment strategy and performance, and provides a financial analysis of its portfolios. This year, to comply with new regulatory requirements in terms of transparency and reporting, ERAFP's 2021 public report is being released together with a dedicated ESG report, which takes stock of all the work the Scheme has undertaken in this area and the avenues it has identified for future action, particularly as regards its climate strategy.

In alignment with its original purpose, ERAFP's 2021 public report once again presents the SRI policy implemented by the Scheme, together with the main results achieved, and both financial and non-financial aspects of its investment policy. It also underscores the Scheme's financial robustness and the pertinence of the asset allocation strategy and investment decisions implemented.

These two reference documents are intended to be used in tandem to provide a comprehensive overview of the work done by the Scheme, which, on the strength of its previous achievements and the formative decisions it has taken recently, particularly on climate issues, is already in a position to comply fully with the vast majority of the decree’s provisions as of this year.