Visuel d'illustration pour <span>"The Guardians of the Earth" call upon the support of all</span>

"The Guardians of the Earth" call upon the support of all

  • 20 July 2016

The Chief Raoni, to international fame, is Behind the "Alliance of the Earth Guardians".

On the occasion of COP21, the Kayapo Cacique (Brazilians) mobilized other leaders of indigenous tribes with a view to launch a great movement for the future of the planet.

Together they now want to meet all indigenous representatives and personalities involved, with a strong reputation.

The group hopes to position itself as an indispensable ally in finding solutions for the preservation of the environment and climate.

In this sense, the Amazon Planet association, supporting the project, launched an appeal for donations on a crowdfunding platform with a view to reaping the 150,000 euros needed to achieve a 26-minute documentary, communication , travel, procurement participants. Some 500 people are expected to be mobilized.

This historic meeting will be an opportunity to draw up an action plan and a common advocacy.

It remains 11 days to encourage initiative and contribute to project financial needs: go here.